Travel Tips

Life is often made a little easier when you have a bit of insight before you arrive to a new destination.

Below are 5 tips that might help when planning your visit.
Fly to the Island

Its just easier travel. From Belize City (BZE) to San Pedro it costs around $90 each way. It’s not going to be the most affordable option; but, if you have more time than money you can save yourself some cash if you hire a taxi from Belize City airport to the water taxi terminal and travel across via boat. Keep in mind this can take upwards of 2hrs whereas the flight is only 20 minutes. The taxi runs around $25 and takes about 20 minutes to get to the water terminal and the water taxi cost $20 pp and takes about an 1hr 20 minutes to get to the island.


As of March 2017,  $1.00 US dollar equals $2.02 in Belize. US currency can be used here – no need for exchange. Although you should expect to get change back on purchases in the local currency. As for tipping, plan on the same as you would otherwise – 20% if you are very happy with your service and so on. Same is true for tipping your guide service.

Local Flavor

There are several eateries on the island from four-star resort dining to road side food stands. Each offer unique experiences for your taste buds. A few affordable suggestions: try an authentic Belizean breakfast at Garfinos, conch ceviche and pupusas for lunch at Waruguma and chicken burrito for dinner at Caramba! Oh yeah, don’t forget to try the Marie Sharpe hot sauce sitting on most restaurant tables around town. A local carrot based blend of spices adds lots of flavor!

Island Time

It’s generally slow and easy so take a deep breath and relax…except when fishing of course! These aggressive fish will keep you on your game. Tailing Bones is fun and exhilarating, meeting up with a school of Tarpon will definitely get our heart pumping, but if its Permit you are after then be patient and ready, you will need to be skillful and lucky to land one of these elusive beauties.

Around Town

Rent a golf cart! (Unless one is provided for your use during your stay.) You will want to get around town, have a few cold ones and see the sights in the evening after a long day on the water. Bikes are a cute idea and fine for short distances, but not very practical.